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Form and Expand Nationally in U.S.
Ascentity will help you meet the requirements of each US State you do business in to ensure your success. Expanding into the US requires guidance and there are numerous requirements and filings that differ in each state you may choose to do business in. Examples of these filings are business licenses, franchise tax reports, State tax returns, Federal IRS tax returns, DBA filings with counties, Sales tax returns, and possibly other filings depending on the type of business. Even after your initial formation and if necessary, foreign qualification (which is filing into other States within the US after the first formation of the corporation or LLC her in the US) often also requires subsequent annual filings that Ascentity will keep track of and file for you. No matter your firm’s requirements, Ascentity will be there every step of the way to make sure your business is in compliance with ALL Federal and State laws and regulations.
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