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Send Your Experienced Team to the U.S.
After Ascentity successfully forms and structures your corporation in the US, the next logical step is to staff with your own experienced employees. This will require meeting the sophisticated Visa and immigration process to relocate your entrusted staff here to run the new branch. Ascentity will be the solution to this highly complex and often difficult task. Whether you require a travel visa for site location and business meeting before your expansion process with Ascentity begins or your formed and ready to staff and relocate here, Ascentity will get you here. Not only will we get you here for a B1 or other business visas, we will get your entire family over including your children on F1 visas to study here in the US to broaden their experiences. Ascentity will help your family as well on all matters that come with an international move. We will get your children enrolled in the university, help with commercial and residential real estate. Ascentity will help get you, your staff and your family well adjusted to prosper and grow here in the US.

Ascentity will be your guide here in business and personally. We will get you in touch with the right people to make the transition as easy as possible. Nobody else offers this in our industry. Ascentity will be here for any questions you have at anytime.

Moving internationally is very complex and sometimes becomes very difficult. The new culture could be overwhelming without assistance and guidance. I fully believe Ascentity will help and the assistance we give will be priceless. The emotional and personal stress related to the move and transition could prevent growth in your business. This is why Ascentity takes great pride in helping on not only your business and making sure that is successful but also the personal and family issues that hinders the success of the business here. This aspect is always overlooked in business and the negative effects the personal stresses have on business. Just recently large corporations are realizing the effects are hurting the bottom line and making sure the employees are stress free, comfortable and happy makes for one of the best investments on a per dollar basis.
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