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Professional Quarterly / Annual Accounting
Our licensed and credited CPA’s will handle any U.S. accounting your growing corporation may require. From AP/AR, escrow accounts to pay vendors domestically or setting up onshore/offshore bank accounts that will help in protecting your assets and more. The accounting and bookkeeping is just as important as the structuring of the corporation Ascentity sets up for your company. From moving assets, having other corporations we form for you own certain assets, having assets owned by corporations formed in other States and an endless possibility of scenarios that could prevent asset and financial loss, Ascentity will be there to help do what it takes to ensure the best possible asset/financial protection available within the US.

Our skilled CPA’s and accountants will constantly work with you to keep up with the high volume of clients, deposits and constant up keep with the banking needed to run a large corporation in the global market. Ascentity is your extended network and the team that will open the doors to new streams of clients, markets and income and Ascentity will make sure the financials are kept in strict order an in accordance with all US laws and regulations.
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